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Accountants and Book Keepers & Self Storage

There are certain things that all accountants and book keepers need – office or work space that can accommodate the retention of files and other important documents. The nature of accounting means that paper documents are a necessity and although some documents can be stored via a cloud system or similar, the retention of official company documents, like invoices, must be kept in paper form by law.

And that means that the work space of an accountant and/or book keeper will have a lot of paper-based documents at any given time, but especially at the closing and opening of the financial year. And that also means multiple accounts worth of documents for each client.

If you work for an accountancy company then your office space will most likely have specific storage facilities such as filing cabinets and separate storage rooms that can be allocated for the retention of documents and for archive purposes. And if you work as a sole trader/freelancer then you might have a home office that offers similar attributes on a smaller scale.

However, there may be storage and work space issues related to both: there’s only so much space that can be allocated to storage until your work space is cluttered and compromised, and after a certain time of operating, your company may have archiving demands that your office can no longer facilitate onsite. A home office is great to trim monthly overheads but eventually the distractions make it too difficult to concentrate and meet deadlines, and your storage requirements aren’t adequate.

There is a solution that can be met without straining monthly overheads for sole traders and that can help with safe and secure ways of archiving records and document retention, and that’s by using Lock and Leave as your self storage provider.

At Lock and Leave we offer dedicated archiving services that includes a file pick up, retrieval and delivery service, confidential shredding, steel enclosed storage units with shelving, and free transfer from any existing archive location.

As well as self storage and archive facilities, we can also offer the use of our storage rooms as alternative office space, making it possible to have all of the facilities needed to run your business from our branches.

How you use your work space is an essential component for efficiency and it’s important that you’re able to separate your documents into a suitable storage space. By using Lock & Leave for your archiving and document retention purposes you can essentially free up your work space and have a safe and secure place where your business’s important documents are safe from damage.

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