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Storage Spaces for Creatives

Creative spaces, such as studios, can be expensive and often it’s difficult to find the right space that’s also affordable, and finding a workable space that is within budget could make all the different to help you produce great work without undertaking huge monthly overheads. And although it does sound clichéd, it’s essential for any artist or person/company to have a place, be it a room or studio, that you can consider your own space.

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Are You Too Cramped to Spring Clean?

It’s spring which means time to start with a clean slate by giving the house and garage a thorough clean. Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to check what maintenance jobs are needed as you clean, and since you’re in a productive mood – why not plan some DIY projects to revamp your home this spring?

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Accountants and Book Keepers & Self Storage

There are certain things that all accountants and book keepers need – office or work space that can accommodate the retention of files and other important documents. The nature of accounting means that paper documents are a necessity and although some documents can be stored via a cloud system or similar, the retention of official company documents, like invoices, must be kept in paper form by law.

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How Freelance Engineers Can Benefit from Self Storage

Although the title Freelance Engineer is a very broad and generalised term, it’s fair to say that a majority of people who work as an engineer in one of the many sub-categories of engineering share a related work schedule of difficult work, long, often unsociable hours, and a need for concentration and accuracy to complete their projects. And for those who are freelancing, it’s a rarity to have 9 – 5 hours, especially in a competitive market where adhering to deadlines is essential.

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eBay, e-commerce and Amazon Traders – Storage Options to Suit Your Business

E-commerce traders are part of one of the fastest growing employment and purchasing markets in the UK, and for anyone who’s interested in how e-commerce works, it’s an ideal way to enter into the sector whilst gaining first-hand experience, without having to resort to free or low-paid work. Popular sites like eBay and Amazon have opened up a huge potential to traders to buy and sell materials and products with a huge audience available at the click of a button.

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Newsagent & Corner Shop Storage

Newsagents and other small shop owners will know how difficult it is to run a business in work spaces with limited room to manoeuvre. Every part of the floor plan of your shop has to be accounted for to ensure that you’re able to display and sell stock, while allowing people and your staff to move around freely.

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