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Film Makers – Creative Ways of Using Self Storage for Business

Working within the film industry or the commercial videography entails working with very expensive equipment every day and it’s difficult to keep them safe from damage and/or theft. And a majority of people who work in the creative and commercial film industry work in bustling environments, in various locations, making the possibility of damage from moving equipment much higher.

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Start-Up Companies – Start the Business You’ve Always Dreamed of in 2016

Now that we’re well into January 2016 and the memory of the festive season and New Year’s Eve are fading, you are faced with the renewed reality of being back at work, and already, you’re fed up with your job. Although new year’s resolutions are slightly cliché and often stated with good intentions just to fall by the wayside before January 31st, there’s no reason why using the impetuous of the new year for a new start in your career – why not start 2016 as your own boss?

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Living Spaces – Unlocking your Properties Full Potential

All too often we don’t use our homes to their full potential, and we consider upgrading and moving to a larger property to create more space. So we scrimp and save as much as possible towards this new goal, often considering moving to a new area to get a better price for a larger house or apartment, which might mean changing schools for the children and an added commute to the work place.

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New Year – It’s Time for DIY

As New Year approaches we typically start to think about 2015, what went well, what could have gone better, and if we start to look around the house after the festive period it will dawn on us that our home is in need of some work during 2016.

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Going Away for Christmas – Are Your Valuables Going to be Safe?

With Christmas just around the corner you and your family may have decided to enjoy the festive season away from home. You may be visiting family nearby or in another part of the country, or you’re heading for warmed climates this December and to see out the New Year.

There is one question you should ask yourself before you head off and that’s this – are your valuables going to safe when you’re away?

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Freeing Up Space for the Family at Christmas

The festive period is just a couple of weeks away and for those who are hosting Christmas Day it’s worth thinking of ways to free up some space to help ease the festive season stress this year.

The main parts of the house that need to be clutter free will be the kitchen, dining room and the living room, as they are most likely the rooms that will be used more frequently over the holidays by you and your guests. The temptation is always to use the spare room, garage, or loft to hide everything. The problem here is that these rooms can’t actually be used for anything else, not to mention a hassle waiting for you after the festive period is over.

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Where do you Hide all of your Christmas Presents?

As we approach the festive period you might already be out buying presents for family and friends and you might be thinking, ‘Where am I going to hide this?’ It’s something we all do, and we will find ourselves hiding presents in the loft, the spare room wardrobe, or even the garage or shed. And you’ll no doubt already have some interested spectators, keeping a keen eye on your movements.

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