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Archive Service at Lock & Leave – Clear Space, Clear Mind

A lot of offices are now looking into the benefits of reducing the paper they produce, so if your business hasn’t already started, then it’s time to start considering greener methods to help reduce those stacks of paper and files.

Lawyers, solicitors and similar companies need to keep important documents and records as paper-based documents, as they are often needed for both legal reasons, and for the importance attached to said document; however, they also have to be safely stored, often meaning a separate storage room is required for this sole purpose.

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Bike Shops and Christmas Stock Storage

Lock & Leave – Bike Shops and Christmas Stock Storage

Canterbury is a city that welcomes and promotes the use of cycle paths and has some fantastic walking and cycling routes that every resident and visitor should explore. And to help provide Canterbury’s cycling enthusiasts there are several popular bike shops situated in the city centre.

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Storage for Sales Reps

Sales Reps – Store Your Products and Samples with Us

One of the perks of providing self storage for hundreds of business customers every week is that we get the chance to ask people about their work which helps us understand what business sectors are using us for their storage needs. We recently spoke with a customer who works as a sales representative who requires somewhere to keep samples and stock.

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Storage for Wine Merchants

Wine Merchants – Storage is the Key to Increasing Revenue

We live and work in a fast a vibrant business environment in every respective sector, with ecommerce and online trading making it possible to buy and sell goods with people and companies from every part of the country and globe. For wine merchants, this means that your products are easier to ship and sell.

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Storage for Christmas Retails Stock in Canterbury

Small Retail Spaces in Canterbury – Christmas stock issues – Storage as a Platform for Positive Change

Any business that has limited operational space needs to carefully plan out an efficient working space to maximise sales and customer experience. For retail outlets in Canterbury’s city centre, the need to evaluate ways to open up your retail shop’s operating space could bring about a lot of positive change.

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Storage for Start-Up Clothes Manufacturers

Start-Up Clothes Manufacturers using Lock & Leave to Kick Start your Dream Business

For those dedicated followers of fashion out there – have you ever considered opening your own clothing line or your own start-up clothing manufacturing company? A lot of us have fantasised about starting our own business, and with readily accessible social media marketing and an active market for entrepreneurs, it’s never been easier to plan and start your own company.

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