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Bike Shops and Christmas Stock Storage

Lock & Leave – Bike Shops and Christmas Stock Storage

Canterbury is a city that welcomes and promotes the use of cycle paths and has some fantastic walking and cycling routes that every resident and visitor should explore. And to help provide Canterbury’s cycling enthusiasts there are several popular bike shops situated in the city centre.

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Storage for Start-Up Clothes Manufacturers

Start-Up Clothes Manufacturers using Lock & Leave to Kick Start your Dream Business

For those dedicated followers of fashion out there – have you ever considered opening your own clothing line or your own start-up clothing manufacturing company? A lot of us have fantasised about starting our own business, and with readily accessible social media marketing and an active market for entrepreneurs, it’s never been easier to plan and start your own company.

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Storage for Removals and Man & Van Companies

Lock & Leave – Offsite Storage Options for Removals and Man & Van Companies

There are a lot of removals specialists and man & van companies that use our self-storage facilities for their offsite storage needs. Our affordable rates mean that when they need to store they can do so without breaking the bank and they know they’ll get a high standard of service.

One of the most important features we offer is a safe and secure way of storing tools and any equipment or items that your company may not have room for.

Sometimes there’s a delay when people are moving into their new house and their furniture needs to be stored somewhere that’s safe and secure. Most removals and man & van companies will also have valuable equipment that they don’t want to keep in their work vehicles overnight or when unattended, or they simply don’t have the necessary storage space available, which is often the case with self-employed tradesmen or small to medium sized businesses.

And why do hundreds of businesses and sole traders use our facilities every week? They know that Lock & Leave will deliver the best service possible, and that’s why they continue to return to us.

We have a range of self-storage units to suit every company and individual, with larger containers available for bulkier items – you get the storage you require, tailored to your needs. With 24/7 access your removals or man & van company can to drop off or collect your customer’s items and your equipment, ready for your next job.

You don’t need to rent your own warehouse, depot, or invest in your own self-storage units; your removals or man & van company can enjoy the same level of security and storage facilities by using Lock & Leave as your offsite storage provider.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in SurreyMiddlesexKent and London.

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Storage for eBay traders

eBay Traders – Affordable Work and Storage Spaces

Trading on eBay has become an essential route of e-commerce for thousands of companies and individuals every week, making it much more than just a place to sell unwanted items. And like every business, a company or sole trader requires a space to work and store stock.

A typical way to do this for a freelance eBay trader would be to work from home to keep monthly overheads to a minimum, which is a sensible and viable platform to begin with. And for a while this is adequate, but as your eBay trading grows and your turnaround demands increase, you’ll invariably have to buy in more sellable stock and/or products, and this brings about an increased need to have somewhere suitable to store your items and run your business from.

Rather than putting pressure on your monthly budget by renting office space with storage, we have an affordable solution that has various services that can’t be found with an office space, and that’s Lock & Leave.

Lock & Leave coined the term ‘Work Spaces’ earlier this year, as it became apparent that self-storage doesn’t have to be confined to storage – our containers are very adaptable spaces which are now being used by our customers as a place to run their business. Some businesses are even renting out two self-storage units, using one as a typical storage space for their stock, and the other as their office.

The Marshwood Business Park offers affordable office spaces which are perfect for start-up and entrepreneurs who want to keep their monthly rental budget as small as possible, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of their facilities.

eBay trading is no longer something to be considered an ad hoc business that doesn’t require a proper work space – it’s a legitimate business sector that requires everything a typical business does. And by using Lock & Leave’s Work Spaces, you’ll be able to keep your overheads to a minimum while enjoying some perks that wouldn’t be found in a typical office.

With 24/7 access and individual access codes, you can come and go as you please, fitting your trading hours around your schedule. Our self-storage facilities have state of the art security measures as standard, making Lock & Leave is a sensible choice for your eBay trading business.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in SurreyMiddlesexKent and London.



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There’s Something Brewing That Needs Storage

There’s no particular sort of person or company that uses Lock & Leave for self-storage – various individuals and businesses use our facilities for a multitude of reasons.

So when a brewery company began to use our facilities, we weren’t surprised at all – we know that every business sector needs some type of storage facility, but like most of our customers, they realised that is was beneficial to use a storage option that wasn’t necessarily on their business premises, and there’s plenty of advantages to this line of thought.

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