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Logistics Companies – How Self-Storage Can Save Your Company Money

Logistics companies cover a lot of ground every day, and are a vital part of the Canterbury’s local economy, linking business to business by performing the essential task of moving various quantities of goods from location to destination. It’s hard to imagine how contemporary business would cope without logistics companies, and they continue to ensure that all types of commerce are able to meet supply and demand on a daily basis.

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Storing Possessions That Can’t Be Replaced

It’s hard to actually consider losing items that can’t be replaced, but at one time or another, it has probably happened to all of us. Some items mean so much more than just being ‘things’ that we can pay to replace if they get damaged or stolen. And although you might have them safely stored in your cupboard, loft, or garage, it doesn’t mean that they are actually safe and secure.

Event Organisers and Self-Storage

Event organising is one of the most demanding and hands-on profession there is, and it’s essential to be able to do several different tasks at the same time.

No matter what type of event you’re organising there will always be an inherent need to try and sort through the murky waters of the event in various stages, meaning a consummate and evolving plan will emerge, well in advance of the beginning stages of the event.

Storage for the construction / Building Industry

Why the Construction Trade Needs Storage

Lock & Leave works with sub-contractors and companies in just about every line of business there is, with the construction trade being one of our most popular user groups.

Construction companies have often used our Canterbury branch when undertaking large construction projects that required them to keep their supplies and equipment within a short distance from one of our branches to their site. A lot of construction companies will travel long distances from their head office or base of operations to their specific site, and the logistics that would be involved in transporting materials and equipment between the two isn’t efficient or financially feasible.

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