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Newsagent & Corner Shop Storage

Newsagents and other small shop owners will know how difficult it is to run a business in work spaces with limited room to manoeuvre. Every part of the floor plan of your shop has to be accounted for to ensure that you’re able to display and sell stock, while allowing people and your staff to move around freely.

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Freeing Up Space for the Family at Christmas

The festive period is just a couple of weeks away and for those who are hosting Christmas Day it’s worth thinking of ways to free up some space to help ease the festive season stress this year.

The main parts of the house that need to be clutter free will be the kitchen, dining room and the living room, as they are most likely the rooms that will be used more frequently over the holidays by you and your guests. The temptation is always to use the spare room, garage, or loft to hide everything. The problem here is that these rooms can’t actually be used for anything else, not to mention a hassle waiting for you after the festive period is over.

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Storage for Sales Reps

Sales Reps – Store Your Products and Samples with Us

One of the perks of providing self storage for hundreds of business customers every week is that we get the chance to ask people about their work which helps us understand what business sectors are using us for their storage needs. We recently spoke with a customer who works as a sales representative who requires somewhere to keep samples and stock.

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Storage for Wine Merchants

Wine Merchants – Storage is the Key to Increasing Revenue

We live and work in a fast a vibrant business environment in every respective sector, with ecommerce and online trading making it possible to buy and sell goods with people and companies from every part of the country and globe. For wine merchants, this means that your products are easier to ship and sell.

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Storage for Christmas Retails Stock in Canterbury

Small Retail Spaces in Canterbury – Christmas stock issues – Storage as a Platform for Positive Change

Any business that has limited operational space needs to carefully plan out an efficient working space to maximise sales and customer experience. For retail outlets in Canterbury’s city centre, the need to evaluate ways to open up your retail shop’s operating space could bring about a lot of positive change.

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Storage for market traders and stalls.

Market stalls are busy and bustling places, with virtually every city, town, and village in the UK having a weekly market. Markets are an ideal place to buy and sell goods to local people and visitors, face to face. Market stalls are one of the oldest forms of freelance trading, and like every business sector, there are a lot of factors to consider when running your own market stall.

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Storage for eBay traders

eBay Traders – Affordable Work and Storage Spaces

Trading on eBay has become an essential route of e-commerce for thousands of companies and individuals every week, making it much more than just a place to sell unwanted items. And like every business, a company or sole trader requires a space to work and store stock.

A typical way to do this for a freelance eBay trader would be to work from home to keep monthly overheads to a minimum, which is a sensible and viable platform to begin with. And for a while this is adequate, but as your eBay trading grows and your turnaround demands increase, you’ll invariably have to buy in more sellable stock and/or products, and this brings about an increased need to have somewhere suitable to store your items and run your business from.

Rather than putting pressure on your monthly budget by renting office space with storage, we have an affordable solution that has various services that can’t be found with an office space, and that’s Lock & Leave.

Lock & Leave coined the term ‘Work Spaces’ earlier this year, as it became apparent that self-storage doesn’t have to be confined to storage – our containers are very adaptable spaces which are now being used by our customers as a place to run their business. Some businesses are even renting out two self-storage units, using one as a typical storage space for their stock, and the other as their office.

The Marshwood Business Park offers affordable office spaces which are perfect for start-up and entrepreneurs who want to keep their monthly rental budget as small as possible, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of their facilities.

eBay trading is no longer something to be considered an ad hoc business that doesn’t require a proper work space – it’s a legitimate business sector that requires everything a typical business does. And by using Lock & Leave’s Work Spaces, you’ll be able to keep your overheads to a minimum while enjoying some perks that wouldn’t be found in a typical office.

With 24/7 access and individual access codes, you can come and go as you please, fitting your trading hours around your schedule. Our self-storage facilities have state of the art security measures as standard, making Lock & Leave is a sensible choice for your eBay trading business.

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