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Are You Too Cramped to Spring Clean?

It’s spring which means time to start with a clean slate by giving the house and garage a thorough clean. Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to check what maintenance jobs are needed as you clean, and since you’re in a productive mood – why not plan some DIY projects to revamp your home this spring?

One of the biggest obstacles when cleaning is a cluttered and cramped rooms and living spaces. If you have to continually move boxes and objects from one room to another to clean then your home is cluttered. One option is to buy some practical storage boxes. They offer clever ways to utilise unused spaces, such as under beds, and can help to keep objects out of your living spaces.

However, if your spare room is currently full of storage boxes and items then you’ve lost an entire room from your home. And when you take stock of how you use your livings spaces, you might realise that your car lives on the drive, your garage is a home for your tools and garden equipment, and your loft has things stored there that haven’t been seen, let alone used, in months, maybe even years!

There’s no getting around it – it’s time to de-clutter and reclaim your lost rooms, and the best way to do this is to use Lock & Leave’s self storage facilities.

At Lock & Leave we offer the most affordable rates for self storage on today’s market, and our customer service is second to none. As well as self storage, we offer a variety of other services at our branches, and we are happy to discuss your storage needs to ensure that you get the storage tailored to you.

With 24/7 access you can drop off or collect your possessions at any time, making it possible to use your storage correctly, while allowing your car to live in the garage, and you can reclaim your spare room for guests.

This spring take the opportunity to revamp your house, de-cluttering those cramped spaces, making them liveable again for 2016.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in Surrey, Middlesex, Kent and London.



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