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Creating More Living Space for Apartments in London

Life in London can be very 24/7; fast paced, very fun and very expensive. There’s a plethora of entertainment and great places to eat, mostly available at your convenience and well within reach of the tube, bus, an Uber or a taxi away. London living is something that can be tailored to your schedule and tastes.

However, with the average monthly rent for Londoners of £1, 500 for basic apartments, it’s difficult to balance an active social life or time with the family without straining your monthly budget, and that’s without adding in utility bills and commuting costs.

So what happens when the apartment you’re struggling to pay for isn’t big enough? Your small hallway cupboard is so full its contents are ready to burst out, your spare room – if you’re lucky enough to have one – is so full of things that it can’t be used as a bedroom.

Most apartments in London don’t have a garage, a loft, or a garden – so what do you do when you have no more room to store things in your city centre apartment but you also don’t want to sell or give away your possessions?

There’s an ideal solution for Londoners to free up some much needed living space – and that’s Lock & Leave.

At Lock & Leave we offer unbeatable self storage rates with a wide variety of storage rooms available. You can store the equivalent of an entire apartment within a basic storage room which would free up an enormous amount of space for someone living in the city centre.

Our storage rooms have 24/7 access, which is in-line with the typical London schedule. You’ll be able drop of or collect your possessions whenever you need to, making Lock & Leave an extension of your apartment.

Our storage rooms have individual access codes for added security, and our self storage facilities are CCTV monitored, giving you the peace of mind that your possessions are safe and secure from theft and damage.

Storing with Lock & Leave will free up enough space in your apartment you’ll feel like you’ve moved into a new one, and we guarantee that it will be a lot cheaper than upgrading to a larger one and without having to get rid of your possessions.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in Surrey, Middlesex, Kent and London.

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