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Film Makers – Creative Ways of Using Self Storage for Business

Working within the film industry or the commercial videography entails working with very expensive equipment every day and it’s difficult to keep them safe from damage and/or theft. And a majority of people who work in the creative and commercial film industry work in bustling environments, in various locations, making the possibility of damage from moving equipment much higher.

Like a lot of construction workers, some people who work in the film industry might be tempted to leave equipment in a work’s vehicle overnight which is something we would advise to avoid at all costs.

A majority of people, especially freelancers or sole traders, will store their equipment in the homes or garage. Although this is a perfectly reasonable and preferable option than leaving equipment in a vehicle, your home and garage is not designed to accommodate the level of storage that’s needed for expensive film equipment. Water damage is one of the most common reasons for insurance claims, and if a well organised thief were to see you coming and going with a lot of expensive equipment, it would certainly catch their unwanted attention.

There is an affordable solution to people working in the film industry and that’s to use Lock & Leave for your storage needs.

Every business needs a base of operations and Lock & Leave is not just a place that offers the most safe and secure way to store your equipment, our storage rooms are being used as alternative offices for a growing number of entrepreneurs and businesses that need work spaces but don’t want to pay a small fortune in monthly rental overheads.

With 24/7 access you can drop off your equipment after a late shoot and be back early for the next day. Each storage room has individual access codes for extra security, and all of our branches have CCTV monitoring.

Even if you have good insurance taken out against your equipment – which is highly recommended – it could take a while to get your replacement equipment, which could mean passing on work or renting equipment, neither being an ideal way to operate within your means.

The best way to ensure that your equipment will be safe and secure from damage and theft is to use Lock & Leave as your storage solution.

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