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Freelance Writers Need a Workplace to Call Their Own

No matter what sort of writing you do, all writers need somewhere to get away from it all so you can write. It’s rare that a company will a dedicate space for a writer with an exception for a newspaper or a publishing house. A majority of writers work as freelancers, without a regular work space or office.

The aspect of being able to move freely, pick up your laptop and go to various locations is one of the perks of the Freelance Writer. However, internet cafes and coffee shops are often crowded and noisy; libraries are often full and are a much rarer commodity now with closures, so a lot of writers will work from home, which can be just as noisy and distracting as all of the previously mentioned places.

The internet has created a huge gateway for writers to ply their trade, making it possible for people to earn enough via freelance copy writing or related work to be able to sustain their own creative writing projects. However, it’s still doesn’t mean that a writer can afford to rent an office out to create a quiet work space – the monthly overheads would make it virtually impossible to make any profit from writing, which is still one of the most underpaid professions on today’s market.

So what’s the solution for writers who need to have a quiet space to produce work but don’t have the means to rent an office space? The answer is to rent a storage room from Lock & Leave and use it as your alternative office or study.

Although that might sound like the most ludicrous suggestion you’ll hear this week, a lot of our start-up and small business customers are doing this right now, with increasing numbers of people signing up to use our storage rooms as alternative work spaces.

Each self storage room is alarmed, has an individual access code, and there’s electricity and Wi-Fi available at our branches, meaning that an affordable alternative office is a feasible option for any writer.

You can access your storage room twenty-four-hours a day, seven-days a week, meaning you don’t have to worry about writer’s block messing with your deadlines – you can work whatever hours you need to.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in Surrey, Middlesex, Kent and London.

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