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How Freelance Engineers Can Benefit from Self Storage

Although the title Freelance Engineer is a very broad and generalised term, it’s fair to say that a majority of people who work as an engineer in one of the many sub-categories of engineering share a related work schedule of difficult work, long, often unsociable hours, and a need for concentration and accuracy to complete their projects. And for those who are freelancing, it’s a rarity to have 9 – 5 hours, especially in a competitive market where adhering to deadlines is essential.

With more and more companies opting to use freelancers to save on office space, more people are moving over to freelance work, and that means the need to supply your own work space.

The typical move is a home office and it’s definitely worth considering. You’re already paying rent or a mortgage, so it makes sense to save on additional overheads by converting the spare room into a study, or creating a small work space in the dining room.

One of the issues that arise for a lot of people who are freelancers is that working from home is anything but ideal. Space issues, noise issues, it seems that some people are just not suited to working from home as there are too many distractions to be able to complete your workload.

So what would be an ideal place for a Freelance Engineer to work from without paying for an office or relative work space? The solution to this problem is to use Lock & Leave as your alternative work space provider.

It’s becoming a popular trend for people to find and use alternative work spaces, such as hot desking, and from this mind set, people have been using our facilities as their base of operations.

Lock & Leave’s storage rooms have electricity, Wi-Fi available and other amenities, making it possible to recreate the same aspects that you’d have in a small office. We have some businesses that rent out more than one storage room, using one room for their products and/or equipment, and the other for their administrative work.

We offer unbeatable self storage prices that make it possible for anyone to store with us. Our storage rooms are accessible 24/7, each storage room is alarmed, and every branch has CCTV monitoring throughout, making it a safe and secure way to store your engineering equipment.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in Surrey, Middlesex, Kent and London.

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