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Living Spaces – Unlocking your Properties Full Potential

All too often we don’t use our homes to their full potential, and we consider upgrading and moving to a larger property to create more space. So we scrimp and save as much as possible towards this new goal, often considering moving to a new area to get a better price for a larger house or apartment, which might mean changing schools for the children and an added commute to the work place.

This might be especially true for people who live in city centres, especially in London, where living spaces are often cramped and over-priced. The temptation for Londoners is to get a larger apartment or house in the surrounding boroughs that offer better value for money or even a county outside of London, but this usually means a longer commute to and from work, giving you less time with your family.

Putting money aside for larger purchases will make it difficult to budget for things like utility bills and other related expenses, and you’ll often forgo any luxury days out or holidays, with every additional financial resource going towards that new property. Then there’s selling your current home, finding a suitable property, and moving between the two.

So there are many obstacles when considering upgrading to a new, larger house or apartment but have you considered your current property’s full potential?

We often need more space if our families grow or we have larger, bulkier pieces of furniture that require more space, and depending on our type of property we may have storage spaces such as lofts, garages, and spare rooms. And if we have these spaces and rooms we often use them as storage spaces until they’re full. However, a lot of people don’t have the luxury of being able to cram rooms and storage spaces, which can prompt the need to relocate to a larger property.

There is an option that would mean you can stay in your current property and still be able to have enough comfortable living spaces, and that’s to use Lock & Leave for your storage needs.

If you check out our size calculator you’ll be able to see exactly what you can fit into a basic sized storage room and you’d be surprised just how much can be fitted into a small space, and we offer various sized storage rooms to suit everyone for domestic and business purposes.

We offer 24/7 access so you can drop off or collect your possessions whenever you need to, meaning you can store certain items that you don’t use every day to help free up some space. Each storage room is alarmed and we have CCTV monitoring throughout our branches.

Moving home is expensive and time consuming – why not work with what you have for now and unlock your current property’s living space potential by using Lock & Leave as your storage provider.

Contact us today for more information and for the best self storage company in Surrey, Middlesex, Kent and London.


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