Reducing Paper – Moving Towards a Greener Office-Space

The term paperless office has been around for a while, and in an ideal world, we’d all be able to work in an office environment that attained to this, but it’s not always realistic for every company.

In some instances it’s a legal requirement to have paper copies of certain documents, and no matter how hard your own office moves towards being paperless it doesn’t mean that your affiliated companies will, and one way or another, paper will enter and be stored in your office.

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Why Self-Storage is Essential for any Relocation.

Moving to a new home can be an arduous task, especially if you’re moving to a new city or area, and that’s why Lock & Leave caters for people who need to store their possessions while they undertake this awkward process.

We always advise that people to use a reputable removals company, and it pays off to use a local company – not necessarily a large removals company – that has a great reputation, and offers an affordable service.

So how would self-storage be useful when relocating?

Anyone that has moved home before will know that it rarely runs without any hiccups, and one of the biggest issues is moving from your old property into your new one – literally. If you’re lucky your new property is vacant and you can move in straight away, but this isn’t always the case. There is often a timing issue where your possessions may need to wait in limbo while you move out of your old home, and get your possessions into your new home. Rather than delaying your relocation to avoid this scenario you should consider the benefits of storing your possessions with us. This way you can speed up the process of your relocation, and have the peace of mind that your possessions are safe and secure, and all for an affordable price.

In the process of unpacking you might find that a lot of the items and furniture you’ve moved over are not used as much and you’ve already begun to horde them into any available space. Our advice: don’t fall into bad habits in your new home, and never horde. If you have appliances or furniture you rarely or never use then it’s time to either sell or give them away so they can be used, or if they’re sentimental of valuable, you should store them with us. You’ll end up taking up living space for storage, and these items could get damaged, making it pointless keeping them.

When you make your next move don’t delay the process and don’t start off your new life in your new home with the same bad storage habits. Contact Lock & Leave today for more information about the benefits of using self-storage for your next relocation.



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Recording Studios and Practise Rooms: Keeping Expensive Equipment Safe

If you run a recording studio, and/or practise rooms as a business, you’ll definitely have expensive equipment that is often travelling in and out of your studio or business premises on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Some of that equipment will need to remain on your premises. Large and bulky items such as mixing desks and are usually a permanent fixture of the studio, and essential equipment that can’t realistically be moved without risk of damage might need to remain on your property overnight. Ideally, the other equipment should be packed away and stored safely, so it’s necessary to review your current storage process and space.

The issue of replacing expensive equipment if it gets damaged or stolen, even if the items are insured, can be a lengthy and problematic process. You’ll have to fill out various forms and report the theft, and as your equipment is the main aspect of your business, replacing your equipment will have to come out of your own or your business’s budget. Recording equipment and musical instruments are very expensive, even if they aren’t top of the range in spec, and would be difficult for any small recording business to cover out of their weekly or monthly budget.

So why not consider using Lock & Leave as your offsite storage option?

At Lock & Leave we offer the most affordable rates for using our self-storage facilities on today’s market, and we do this whilst providing the highest level of customer service. We offer a wide range of storage options and other related services, so we’re the perfect solution for storing your recording equipment and musical instruments.

And then there’s the added bonus that your expensive equipment is safe and secure, free from potential damage and theft. With 24/7 access and individual access codes, you’ll be able to take your equipment in and out of your self-storage unit whenever you need to.

Think carefully about your possessions and store them with us to ensure they aren’t damaged or stolen. Lock & Leave is the best choice for your self-storage needs in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. Choose the storage company that charges affordable rates for the most reliable self-storage on today’s market.


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How Our Archive Services Can Help Your Company

A lot of offices are now looking into the benefits off reducing the paper they produce, so if your business hasn’t already started, then it’s time to start reducing your office’s stacks of paper, files and documents.

However, some documents need to be kept in paper form, so how would this be resolved? The answer is self-storage.

Lawyers, solicitors firms, and similar companies need to keep important documents and records as paper-based documents, as they are often needed for both legal requirements, and for the importance attached to said document; however, they also have to be safely stored, often meaning a separate storage room is required for this sole purpose.

At Lock & Leave we can offer your company a safe and secure option for your archival needs. We offer a variety of self-storage options and you can have regular access to your archives whenever you need them. Self-storage is a lot cheaper than creating storage space in your office, and it would help to keep your office space clear to serve its primary purpose.


Lock & Leave’s archive services are designed to remove your reliance of document storage from your office and/or home, by storing them in a safe and secure environment, but also offering you and your business the best off-site storage on the market, making us the best option to help you maximise your office space. Every home and business space should be used for living and working, not for storage. Our archive services ensure that your important documents are securely stored and safe from any damage, and help to keep your office space clear to serve its primary purpose.

Our archive service includes a file pick up, retrieval and delivery service, confidential shredding, 24/7 access with no additional costs, and each steel archive unit has shelving for your documents, keeping the safe and secure.

Speak to us today for more information and for the best self-storage company in London, Middlessex, Kent and Surrey. A clear space means a clear mind.

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Lock & Leave – Kent Union’s no#1 Self-Storage Provider

At Lock & Leave Canterbury we’ve designed and installed what we consider to be the best self-storage units to suit the needs of Canterbury’s ever growing student populace.

These specialised units can fit in just about everything that a student needs to store their possessions, making great use of space to give a truly unique self-storage unit, purposely built with University of Kent’s Students’ in mind.

A lot of students will need to travel from their university, sometimes leaving expensive equipment in their student accommodation or their shared-flat, hoping for the best that they’ll still be there when they return. Thieves often target designated student areas because they know that the properties are easily accessible, and there’s a guaranteed amount of electrical equipment readily available.

The solution to avoiding theft of damage to your possessions is to let Lock & Leave keep them safe for you, leaving you to travel back home or anywhere else you can think of.

You’re time away from university should be whatever you need it to be; fun with friends and family; time to have a long awaited rest; an opportunity to cram some much-needed research in before the next term, and a lot of these activities could mean travelling away from your accommodation for long periods of time. One thing is for certain: none of your time off should be spent worrying about, or replacing, your possessions.

Unlike most self-storage providers, Lock & Leave is dedicated to tailoring our self-storage to our customers’ needs, and because of our location and our affordable rates, we’ve become Kent University’s SU preferred self-storage provider.

We’ve recently installed another 20 purpose built student lockers, bringing our total amount of students lockers to 60 units, and they’re situated in a specially designated student area in our Canterbury branch.

At Lock & Leave we don’t take things for granted, and we believe that providing our customers with the self-storage that suits them is our main priority, and that’s why we’ve dedicated our time and efforts to create a student-specific range of self-storage units.

Contact us today to see why Kent Union rates us as their no#1 self-storage provider.




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From Student Life to Your First Career

All students have to consider what will happen after university, and the answer is never simple or straight forward.

A lot of students may have a course that leads into a career or to further training. But the reality for a great number of students is not only the nerve-wracking wait for results; it’s the reality of joining thousands of other people later this year, or in a year’s time, to enter the employment market, with invariably less work and life experience than a majority of others.

But there might be another solution: why not become your own boss?

Starting your own business sounds risky, if not downright unfeasible, but it could also be the perfect time to enter the job market. And Lock & Leave could have the perfect solution to your start-up needs.

Like a lot of start-up businesses, one of the issues that come up again and again is affordable business premises. However, there are some savvy alternative approaches to running a business that could help to give another angle into creating your own start-up company.

Home Office: If you have a business idea that needs an office then why not work from home? You don’t have the additional overhead of renting or paying your mortgage on your flat or house, and then paying a monthly rent for an office. Your house will have all the amenities needed, and you can set your own hours.

If you need an additional storage space for products or equipment, then Lock & Leave can give you a more affordable monthly rental price when compared to factory or office space with additional storage.

Self-Storage Office: And if you’re truly ready to think outside of the box, have you ever considered using a self-storage unit as an office?

A lot of businesses have started to use our self-storage units to run their business out of, and not just for storage purposes. We have all of the amenities needed to run a business, and with the additional advantage of 24/7 access, you can literally set your own office hours.

University is the ideal place to find like-minded people, so why not use your current student network and put your qualification into practise?

There is literally no better way of learning about the business world than starting your own business, and you don’t have to have a business degree to do this – you just need to have the drive and like-minded partners around you to start your journey.

Don’t feel the strain of life of university while you’re still at university. Some simple planning ahead and you could be your own boss before you know it.

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How Landlords Can Benefit from Using Self-Storage

Most landlords and rental agencies will have numerous properties which they rent out, and as is often the case, furniture being moved in and out of these properties can create an issue – where can the furniture be stored when not in use?

Sometimes it’s not an option to simply get rid of unused furniture; replacing or getting rid of large and bulky items can be time consuming, and more importantly, it can lead to additional costs. No matter what business you’re running, additional costs are something that should be avoided, and any items such as furniture should only be discarded after it is broken and beyond repair.

So there’s an obstacle to overcome here, and the solution is simple: create some kind of storage space that is within a close or reasonable proximity to your rental properties that are affordable, and provide the ease of access you would need to run your business to your schedule.

What sort of storage facility can the average landlord or agency consider to resolve these issues?

A private landlord probably doesn’t want to rent out a large space for this, and they often have to juggle items of furniture around their rental properties; rental agencies might be in a better financial position to acquire this sort of storage space, but it’s costly to rent out storage spaces to suit your business’s needs. Either way, anyone who is considering becoming a landlord or is currently working within the sector knows that any additional costs add a strain to monthly budgets, and to keep rental prices competitive, any additional storage space(s) need to be as affordable as possible.

The ideal solution for all landlords is simple: use Lock & Leave for your storage needs.

We have four branches in prime locations, each offering the highest standard of self-storage, a wide range of services, and a guarantee that your furniture any related items will be safe and secure from theft or damage. With 24/7 access and individual access codes for each self-storage unit, you’ll be able to come and go as you please, making Lock & Leave the ideal solution for your needs.

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Keeping an Inventory of your Possessions

Here’s a question that most people would struggle to answer: do you have any idea of what you’re currently storing?

This is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to how we store our possessions. We dedicate various spaces in our homes and offices to storing items, but in reality, we often don’t have a clue what is being crammed into each room.

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