Lock & Leave Molesey at the Kingston Business Expo 2015

Lock & Leave Molesey has just signed up for the Kingston Business Expo 2015, which is being at the Kingston University Business School, on Wednesday 10th of June, and we can’t wait to network with people and businesses there.

The Kingston Business Expo is an ideal event for any business that wants to network with potential customers and other local businesses, helping to raise awareness of your brand and what your company has to offer; for Lock & Leave, it gives us the perfect opportunity to meet with people and companies face-to-face to help raise awareness of why we are the best self-storage provider on today’s market.

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Avoiding Theft or Damage

One of the main reasons our customers use our self-storage facilities is that they know that their possessions will be safely and securely stored. A lot of people often consider their garage or works-van a secure place as any to keep their tools or possessions, until the fateful day they realise that they weren’t that secure at all, and that’s a horrible reality to deal with the next morning.

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Take Back Your Work & Living Space

Keeping a clutter-free house sounds a bit idealistic, especially if your spare room is crammed, the garage and loft are ready to burst, and the shed is hiding somewhere in your garden to avoid being jammed full. And your office or work premises is stacked full of paper and equipment is that you need it for the day-to-pay operations of your business, but you struggle to get in or out of the office.

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