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For affordable self storage in Canterbury, Lock and Leave have it covered. Our secure self-storage offers low cost, high quality storage options for all your needs, so whether it’s an old sofa, some student belongings or the contents of an entire house you need to put in self storage Canterbury residents can count on Lock and Leave to keep it safe.

Self storage for domestic needs

Whether you’re moving house, trying to sell your home or simply having a clear out, our self storage solution can make life easier. With many homes struggling for space for storage Canterbury householders are finding more room to breathe by using our self storage facility for the extra room they need.

Self storage for business needs

Offices can quickly become cramped when you have event materials, equipment and document archives to house. Clear out those cupboards and make room for the things you need day to day with Lock and Leave.

Self storage for students

Student storage is always an issue, whether it’s because you are moving from unfurnished premises into somewhere furnished, or because you are going home for the summer. Save yourself the expense and hassle of moving all your belongings back to Mum’s with our secure storage options. Special rates apply for students.

A solution for everyone

Whatever you’re need for storage Canterbury Kent and the surrounding areas offer no better solution for your needs than lock and Leave. Our facilities are high quality, super secure and offer all the facilities you need to bag yourself some affordable and functional storage space for whatever you need.