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If your business or home is crying out for space, finding a safe and secure London self storage unit could give you the space to breathe. Most modern houses are around 40% smaller than they were 50 years ago, and have 30% more ‘clutter’ in them. With little available space to store items around the home, many of the capitals householders are opting for self storage in London to give them the space they need in their homes.

When considering self storage London UK residents should ensure they know what can and can’t be stored in these facilities. Things like flammable liquids, chemicals, corrosives and fuels should never be kept in your self storage unit, and if you are planning to store a lawnmower or motorbike, it is important to drain and air the petrol tank in plenty of time before placing it in affordable self storage.

Most other things can be kept in your self storage London unit, but be careful how you package and prepare items to avoid damage. Things like furniture should be covered to avoid scratches, but not with plastic sheeting as this can cause moisture to build up underneath.

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Self Storage London

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