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Start-Up Companies – Start the Business You’ve Always Dreamed of in 2016

Now that we’re well into January 2016 and the memory of the festive season and New Year’s Eve are fading, you are faced with the renewed reality of being back at work, and already, you’re fed up with your job. Although new year’s resolutions are slightly cliché and often stated with good intentions just to fall by the wayside before January 31st, there’s no reason why using the impetuous of the new year for a new start in your career – why not start 2016 as your own boss?

There are pros and cons when considering starting your own business: a lot of initial capital is needed to ensure your new company survives its first year. You might not be any wage from your first year so this needs to be factored into your business plan. You’ll need to crunch a lot of numbers, do some in-depth market research, and depending on what business, you may have to have some samples and/or prototypes ready.

That’s already a lot of work and it also sounds like it might take 2016 just to start planning your new venture while you continue with the day job, and that’s a perfect way to look at it. If you read entrepreneurial articles most will advise you plan and raise capital for at least a year whilst continuing to work – the best advice we can give is that the earlier you start planning, the sooner you can be your own boss, setting your own schedule, pathing your own way into your respective market.

The key word for anyone who wants to start their own company is sustainable – your growth has to occur as evenly as possible, ensuring that you have cash at your disposal to create products or to have ready for your business’s primary function.

So is it possible to start a new company without large overheads? One way of keeping your monthly rental overheads is by using Lock & Leave.

At Lock & Leave we help hundreds of companies store and run their businesses every week. Our business customers not only store their goods and equipment with us, a lot of new companies and sole traders are using our self storage facilities to run their entire business. You can rent out a storage room to use as an alternative office, or to house your products, or both! Some of our branches also have small office spaces to rent, so there’s various ways to run your start-up without using up a larger percentage of your monthly budget on rent.

2016 should be the year you plan or even start your own business. It’s time to start putting your dreams into reality, and the sooner you start, the quicker it will happen.

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