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Storage Spaces for Creatives

Creative spaces, such as studios, can be expensive and often it’s difficult to find the right space that’s also affordable, and finding a workable space that is within budget could make all the different to help you produce great work without undertaking huge monthly overheads. And although it does sound clichéd, it’s essential for any artist or person/company to have a place, be it a room or studio, that you can consider your own space.

One option that is often used is the home studio or office, depending on what creative medium is being employed, and it will typically take up at least one room in your house or your garage. The advantage of the home studio or office is that it will cost a lot less than renting out studio space, and other than increasing some of your utility bills; it isn’t going to create as many outgoings as renting a commercial space would.

Although the money-saving potential of a home studio is appealing, one issue that needs to be considered is the safety and security of your equipment. Unless you have comprehensive insurance and top-notch home security then it’s not recommended to consider your home or garage a safe and secure way to store your creative equipment and/or products. There’s also the added potential for things like fire or water damage, and apartments, houses and garages are not built with the specific features needed for fully secured storage.

The same issues will most likely be faced by Musicians and DJs who store their equipment at home between gigs. It’s without doubt that both will have very expensive equipment and it’s not advisable to store them at a home studio or office.

Is there a way to combine the savings potential of a home studio with the adequate security measures for your creative equipment or products? At Lock & Leave, we believe we have a great solution that covers both bases.

Every Lock & Leave branch offers 24/7 access as standard, making it possible to work long hours on those important projects without having to worry about being restricted to opening or closing times. Each storage room is alarmed and has its own access codes for additional security, and our facilities have CCTV monitoring throughout, making it a safe and secure way to protect your products and equipment.

Our storage rooms are the most affordable on today’s market, making it possible for you to utilise a home studio to create your art or record your latest track or mix, and then take your equipment or paintings to your storage room whenever you need to. A lot of start-up companies are using our storage rooms to run their businesses, which means that you can also consider renting out a storage room as an alternative creative studio!

No matter what part of the creative world you occupy: you need to have an affordable space where you can work from which offers an adequate storage provision to ensure that your equipment and art is safe and secure, and the best place to use is Lock & Leave to store your items or as your alternative creative studio space.

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