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Student life is full of expenses, and many students find it hard to get by on the budget their student finances allow. This means that when it comes to the summer break, many students in Canterbury and Kent are choosing to return to their parent’s homes in order to save the rent they are paying for a few weeks over the holidays.
However, this in itself presents some tough decisions and substantial expenses, as hiring a van to move all their belongings back to Mum’s can end up costing an arm and a leg. But help is at hand, as we offer preferential rates for our student storage Kent students can use for the summer, which means they don’t have to take much back home at all.

Special offers on student storage
For the low price of just £25, students can use our self storage facility to house anything from books and files to TV’s and furniture. Our offer includes your own personal locker, a padlock and adequate insurance to cover what you are storing. You can upgrade to larger storage units or longer term contracts easily, and for the summer break you’ll be able to travel lighter and avoid the need to hire a van to clear our your student accommodation.

Secure storage for students in term time too
Of course, our self storage facilities are not just for the summer holidays. Many students are finding our units are ideal for document & archive storage during term time too. After all, you might not need all those first year course notes right now, so we can look after them until such time as you do. Whatever you need the extra space for our facilities are some of the best student storage UK students can choose to meet their needs.