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Using a self-storage unit as an office is the remarkable, new, low-cost business option being pioneered by Lock & Leave. We’ve called it Work Spaces. Start-ups in particular can benefit from the huge savings facilitated by this strategy, but established businesses are also getting in on the act. Since Lock & Leave’s self-storage units have power, parking, mailboxes, drive-up delivery space and toilet facilities, everything is in place so that your business can function just as well as if you’d rented a conventional office suite or room. The difference is the cost – your overheads will be slashed overnight but not your productivity. See our wide case study below

Lock & Leave Work Spaces are available at all of our branches, including Marshwood Business Park in Canterbury where we also have fully serviced offices. Work Spaces are an innovative and revolutionary way to run a company while avoiding the vast expense of office rentals. We’ve always been committed to helping our clients keep their outgoings down and have already led the way with Marshwood Business Park, where we have a purpose-built centre of nine highly secure offices and a spacious meeting room. Now, with Work Spaces, we’ve made yet another breakthrough. We understand that the most daunting problem for start-ups is the prospect of high rent, which is why we’ve come up with a solution. You can furnish your Work Space unit as much as you like or keep some of it free for product storage and if your business grows, we can expand the unit to meet your requirements.

Some clients like to use a traditional office at Marshwood while retaining a Work Space unit for merchandise, general storage and order fulfilment. This ground-breaking new approach to office space is getting more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. There’s simply no other solution that comes close to matching it in terms of value for money, short of operating from your bedroom. Some of our customers rent two self-storage units; one for their main office and one for storage. Others tell us that the convenience is unbeatable. Because we offer 24/7 access, they can drive up after appearing at a trade show and quickly load leftover stock into their unit, safe in the knowledge that it’s completely secure and protected by a unique entry code. We also have clients whose headquarters are elsewhere but who use our Work Spaces to give them an extra location and to free up more space at their main site.

The list of potential ways to use a Work Space goes on and on – their versatility is boundless and their incredibly low rates are breathtaking. They come with a price-match guarantee, so in the unlikely event that you find the same kind of storage at a lower price, we’ll match or beat it. For customers using Work Spaces on a long-term basis, we will arrange wifi boosters. Our offices come equipped with full telecom and internet solutions, and we have just installed an IP telephony network at Marshwood Business Park, Canterbury, the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your workplace requirements.

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